Mouse works in Fallout 76 now

But it crashes very quickly, it’s the audio thing it installed. It’s set to native, might need to reinstall it, probably got corrupted. Because the game wasn’t crashing.

You need “bBackgroundMouse=1” in th ini file, Lutris gets a custom ini file, and puts it in the root of the game folder. That is the prefix folder. Copy the custom file to your my games Fallout 76 folder.

xact is what is crashing the game.

WINEPREFIX=~/Games/bethesda-launcher winetricks --force -q xact

That’s how you reinstall it, might not work though.

It works longer in Proton now. But the mouse is messed up. Is the game not loading the custom ini file?

Why does stuff keep getting corrupt? Maybe the Crucial SSD was a bad buy. Or Wine corrupted something.

The mouse can’t be fixed in Proton. I also, somehow fell to my death. Crashed with a different runner, esync-staging-pba.3.18. I think Wine is corrupting it every time I switch the runner, it does say it’s updating wine.

I took a picture, then it crashed. Not related to xact though, so I guess every time you change the runner, you have to reinstall that. Probably need to reinstall the other stuff too. And pick just one runner to use.

Installing tkg-4.1, then I’ll reinstall the xact and whatever else it installed.

None of the pictures I took are in the folder. Looks like it doesn’t have access to write to the folder. It crashed again, looks like it crashes when trying to write to files.

Even with Esync disabled, it crashes, when trying to take a photo.

Nice, uninstalled, which deleted the files. Wouldn’t let me scan and repair. Looks like it’ll be redownloading all night or morning.

Damn, I’m going to use over 100 GB of bandwidth this month, I already downloaded The Witcher 3. Last month, I used around 50 GB.