No need to switch to Arch Linux now

I think the Manjaro Wiki said the unstable branch is 3 days behind or something. The testing branch isn't new enough.

chromium-vaapi might compile now, assuming whatever package is high enough now. I got the newest 4.20 kernel now too.

The newer packages made Linux faster too.

sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch unstable
sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack 15
sudo pacman -Syyu

I had to use 15 mirrors, to get one United States mirror. No wonder people say downloading Manjaro updates are slow.

Package dependency requirement 'libdrm >= 2.4.96' could not be satisfied.
Package 'libdrm' has version '2.4.93', required version is '>= 2.4.96'
Could not run pkg-config.

How many days till I get a libdrm update?

The Arch Linux package was updated on the 24th of last month. What's taking Manjaro so long?

Oh yeah, and using unstable could result in Manjaro being broken, somebody on their forum also said to only use pacman to update, which I already do anyways.

Haha, it's ignoring that package upgrade. I probably did that for some reason, don't remember why.

Just upgraded the package. Might not of needed to switch to unstable, except the latest kernel much sooner is nice.

Must be opencl-amd that needed that. I just opened AfterShot Pro, without the hack, and it opened. That means I don't have to use my shitty shell script anymore.

The compile will probably segment fault, because it's using the entire CPU. Unless that only happens with GCC.

If it successfully compiles, I might switch to it, hardware accelerated video decoding is nice.

I wonder what video driver the SMACH Z comes with, with their Linux distro. Closed or open source? If open source, does VA-API work with whatever video it has? If it doesn't have Chromium with VA-API support, it won't work, I'm not compiling it on it. Well, I could with distcc. What is their distro based on? If it's Ubuntu, then there's a PPA to get it.