Now that's some nice packaging

That my Fotodiox Pro, All Metal Black Camera Hand Grip for Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II came in, just a box, and plastic bag, not a closed or anything, so you don't need to tear to open anything. No tape on the box, so you don't need to tear that either.

That might be the best camera accessory I've ever bought. You only need one hand if you use that. Well, with a light lens. Stupid flash ruins pictures if you crank it up to high, and if you are using f1.7, you have to bounce it.

If your fingers are bigger then mine, good luck removing the SD card with that on.

If you don't use the flash, on my camera, I have to set the white balance manually, flash is good for lazy people.

Dark or washed out pictures. I'll take the dark pictures. Increasing the ISO might make it better, just not 800, maybe 400.