SLR Magic or Meike?

The Meike is 12mm f2.8, and the SLR Magic is 8mm f4.0.

The Meike is probably better, because the lowest aperture is f2.8, so you can step it down to f5.6, the SLR Magic might need to be stepped down farther then f5.6.

Probably doesn’t really matter, both would be used outside. The SLR Magic is cheaper.

Except, the SLR Magic, you have to screw down the focus thing, if you change the aperture, you might change focus too. Not really an issue for me, I’d set it to f5.6 or something, and leave it there.

No f5.6 on the SLR Magic. Kind of pointless then, my Olympus 9mm is f8, which is the next thing you can step the SLR Magic down to.

Oh wait, I keep forgetting my Olympus is a fisheye lens. The SLR Magic isn’t. It’s cheaper then the Meike, so might as well buy it, or have somebody buy it for me.

It’s only marked for f4, f8, f16, you can still use f5.6. You just have to be a magician to find it.

Funny, all the bad reviews on B&H aren’t verified, even one that says they couldn’t return it, because they were past the return time.

Gamma 2.4 looks better

On my TCL TV. The settings on the site, might look good for them, but not to me. I turned the brightness to bright instead of brightest too.

Looks washed out with gamma 2.2. I like dark pictures, the colors look better, and it doesn’t look washed out.

iPad it is

I know it’s fast, because it has the same CPU as my phone.

I’m guessing the A4-9120C isn’t based on Ryzen, that would explain the horrible benchmarks. I’ve had Chromebooks as slow as the 9120C, no need for another.

How long is it on sale? Mom said she can probably buy it for me for my birthday present. But I want the 128 GB one, and I don’t know the normal pricing on that. She doesn’t get paid till next week.

So I might buy it on Friday, unless the price went up. Maybe she can buy me accessories instead, like a keyboard case. Or a lens for my camera.

iOS kind of sucks, but it’s faster then most Android tablets. Or all of them, haven’t looked at any benchmarks. Don’t even know what the current Android tablets are.

According to benchmarks, the AMD A4-9120C is slower then the iPad

The latest/cheapest iPad. But all the benchmarks say Android. So is it emulating an ARM CPU? Depends if Geekbench for Android is compiled for x86.

You can run Android apps on Chromebooks. I wonder what the benchmark result is for a non Android app. You might be able to run the Linux Geekbench.

So it’s basically the same as the 9120, from 2016. Just slower clock speeds and less power.

The 9120 results suck too, with Windows and Linux. Think I’ll get the iPad then, I’ll take the speed over Chrome OS.

7artisans has a 12mm lens too

Is it better then the Meike? The Meike is cheaper, if you use the $20 coupon. Otherwise they cost about the same.

Winco has good food

I don’t know why you’d buy food anywhere else.

Well, their fresh pizza isn’t very good. Not very much sauce or toppings on it. Takes a long time to cook too. They have frozen pizza, the Wild Mike’s pizza is better then their fresh pizza.

They have good cheese and lunch meat. I don’t buy vegetables. That’s for rookies.

That wasn’t a very long letter

That my counselor sent to all his clients. He’s retiring on 5/22/19.

Guess he didn’t have much to say.

Meike 12mm f/2.8 for Micro Four Thirds

I’ll probably buy that eventually, it’s cheaper then the Rokinon. Apparently the Rokinon has some flaring issues too.

The first picture I take with that, will be pointing at the light in my apartment, to see what serious flaring looks like.

Some people on DPReview say that brand is fine. One person got the infinity focus in the wrong spot, but it’s a cheap lens, so bad versions are bound to get out.

I don’t see the point in paying almost $300 for the Rokinon, if they both have flaring issues.

The Meike is $190 on Amazon. You can get $20 off.

Somebody with a Fuji camera, the lens was super hard to remove from their camera. Eh, I’ll just ask somebody to remove it for me, if that happens.

I need to own a Meike lens, I have a YI, I had some other cheap brand. I collect all cheap manual lenses, well the YI is auto focus. I paid $100 or so for it used. Glad they didn’t like it, cause I love it.

I do have the fisheye 9mm or whatever body cap lens. But I need a lens without the fisheye affect, I’m to lazy to remove it. Might not always want the fisheye affect. Also, that lens is only f8.

I should of tried the cheap manual lens on my new camera, it’s gone now.

Don’t really need to buy a lens though, I don’t use my camera anymore, that’s to much work.

Haha, soft around the edges. Did they change the aperture? Probably not.

No idea why I want the Chromebook. Probably because you can run some Linux programs on it.

Trump supporters have to resort to insults

That’s pretty sad, that their brain is that tiny.

Just look at the rants and raves on Craigslist. They like calling Democrats “libtards”.

That’s better then being a Trumpet.

If you don’t live in a shithole city and/or country, the rants and raves might not be political. They should move all of that to the politics section. So then they can fight each other.

You are born mentally challenged. So using it as an insult, makes you an asshole.

An iPad would work too

Except the cheapest one, my mom says is slow. She doesn’t explain what that means though, like if it takes stuff a long time to load, or if it takes a long time to open apps.

If it just takes a long time to load something in the browser, then it might not be iPad related. Could be her WiFi.

I’d be in bed, but I keep having to shit, the beauty of no fiber. Also, I slept till almost 2 pm. Might not be until 4 am that I can fall a sleep.

I can get an iPhone XR for $449? Apple is kind of a dick though, not letting me install Linux on it.

Nope, about $500 for me. I only have an iPhone 7 to trade in. That’s still cheaper then $700+ or whatever they charge. But no fingerprint sensor, you have to use the shitty face scanner thing.

The iPad is cheaper then the Chromebook, $250 at Best Buy. I’d buy the 128 GB, it’s $330, the price of the 32 GB from Apple.