My phone didn’t disconnect while sleeping. So maybe somebody is disconnecting it. They just didn’t today while sleeping.

Got a $10 refund for HDHomeRun Premium TV

Might still keep it cancelled though. Emailing them every month will be a pain.

They could increase the quality and/or add the missing channels back. Not really worth $35 with the shitty quality. When Sling TV exists.

Better uncancel it, you might have to pay extra to get Comedy Central on Sling TV. Might cost the same then. Nope, it’s included. Never heard of any of the $5 extra comedy channels.

Oh yeah, it’ll take days for the refund to show up. Funny how they aren’t responding to posts on their forum, or providing any updates, about the quality and missing channels.

Firewall on server works

Had to remove myself from it, luckily it only blocked me from HTTP, which apparently doesn’t include the control panel. Oh, the control panel is on a non standard port.

Just use ipset del fail2ban-wordpress-hard IP. I accidentally clicked the wrong login, and therefore it blocked me. Apparently one bad login is enough to get banned for a day.

Maybe I should do a chargeback on HDHomeRun Premium TV

Apparently they are on Twitter posting shit, but can’t respond to my support email, asking where my $10 credit is. Also, Sling TV looks way better, it’s like going from non HD to HD. I’ve used Sling TV in the past, I assume it looked better.

If you watch non cartoons, HDHomeRun Premium TV is horrible. Just wait for a dark/black scene, and you’ll see the compression.

Oops, I accidentally cancelled. Eh, that’ll save me $35 a month. And another $8 a month, if I cancel Channels DVR. Just use Mythtv, it works for OTA. But Channels has a nice app on the Apple TV. I was trying to see if it would ask me why I wanted to cancel. Instead, it’s pending cancellation.

I don’t need Sling TV to get my shows, there’s another way. Also, I get to keep HDHomeRun Premium TV until March, since I already paid for it. But I am lazy, so I might pay for Sling TV next month. They have a DVR, don’t know if it allows fast forwarding. Better quality is better.

Everybody else should cancel. So maybe they will wake up and respond to emails. Or just get rid of their shitty Premium TV service.

Sling TV it most likely will be, you can fast forward through commercials, and keep all recordings as long as you keep paying. It’s $30 a month, with the cloud DVR. Costs $5 less, and should look 100 times better then HDHomeRun Premium TV.

Why is a battery organizer $20?

Seems kind of expensive. Had to buy a $20 cable, so I didn’t buy the battery organizer. Maybe somebody has a cheaper one.

There’s one for $13, that looks like plastic, you could probably make it yourself. Buy some plastic, cut holes in it for the batteries, and you have a shitty battery organizer.

Maybe battery storage is better then an organizer. Like the Tupperware they are already in. A storage box is $14, probably holds more then the organizers. It’s made out of plastic. How hot will they get in the summer in a box? My AC doesn’t work. They probably won’t fix it either.

You know that reviewer is a Trump supporter, mentioning fake news, all news is fake if it isn’t good publicity for Trump. A recording of Trump and Putin, would be dismissed by his supporters. As not him, it was the Democrats. Somehow the Democrats sound like Trump.

Oh wait a second, they might not be a Trump supporter. Russia did fake news on Social Media, that’s how they got Trump elected.

Two animals were happy to see me at my mom’s

Lilly was jumping on me, like she was going to jump in my lap. The cat also went up to me and rubbed up against me. Was washing my hands in the bathroom, she jumped on the counter and was meowing at me.

Sofie was apparently grumpy, probably because she didn’t eat the food she was offered earlier. I didn’t pet her, as she was being mean to Tonka. Stealing her treats, and growling at her.

Now we can’t leave Tonka at my mom’s with Sofie, without people there. At least not until we figure out what the problem is. I still wouldn’t, as it’s not nice to Tonka, she usually wanders around over there. She might have to stay at my apartment in the future. Like in the summer, and my sister takes me to the store, don’t think her vehicle has AC. Also, you can’t leave a dog in your car in the summer. Unless you want a dead dog.


Why would you need one of those? I don’t care what electricity looks like.

You’d have to have an IQ of over 100 to know what the point in a oscilloscope is. Mine is only 12.

Is a hacked N3DS XL worth money? I assume it’s XL, don’t know if there’s a non XL N3DS, there is a N2DS, probably XL too. Just delete all the games on it, they can have all the cartridges.

I’m to lazy to sell it. Also, I like hacked game consoles. Even if I don’t play video games anymore.

I don’t need anymore money anyways. Already getting $100 for my old camera soon. Then I can buy a $40 or so pillow. Do they make a pillow to improve your breathing? Going to the doctor is for rookies.

Sofie stresses Tonka out

Growling at her for no reason, Tonka was just wandering around. Probably because she didn’t eat her food from earlier. Gave her a treat, and Sofie stole it, gave Tonka another one, and she stole it.

Didn’t feed Tonka dinner over there, Sofie had to wait till we left. To risky, Sofie might steal it, and Tonka may react, she didn’t to the treats, but may to dog food.

She ate the food from earlier when we got home. After I was done in the bathroom, gave her some more, she ate most of that too.

No wonder Tonka likes being home better, no other dog to bother her.

I should of got some flushable wipes

That might of solved my toilet paper problem. The stomach flu messed my bowels up. Just like the Super Bowel.

The toilet keeps getting clogged, last time it flushed, used it again, tried flushing, and it was clogged. Maybe I should try flushing it before shitting in it from now on.

You know what else might explode?

A simple modern bottle, if you use the straw lid with hot beverages. Apparently you can’t keep the lid on with hot beverages. No idea how it keeps stuff hot for 8 hours, with no lid.

I got it for Christmas. Now I know why she got everybody one, no condensation. She said you can’t get cups like that though, guess you can get bottles like that.

The only way I can clean the inside of the bottle, is by filling it with water and pouring soap in it. Don’t think my sponge will work, unless I had tiny hands, and a tiny sponge.

If I knew no condensation drink devices existed, I’d be using the simple modern bottle by now. Didn’t look at the box till now. That’ll take two on the go crystal light packets.

Letting the soapy water soak in it for ten minutes. The soap I used doesn’t say it has anything it says not to use, but it also says “other” harsh chemicals. Don’t know anything about chemicals, I didn’t go to chemistry.

You have to wash the straw lid after every use, so no refilling it, you have to wash it, wait for the lid to air dry, then refill. That won’t work very well, waiting for it to air dry. Also, I might be to lazy to wash it more then once a day. I’ll see if I get mold instead. Just buy a new lid, or don’t use a lid.

She got the painted one, so that means hand wash only.

Is it 8 hours for hot beverages or 6? So if I go outside in the cold, with no lid, it’ll keep it hot for 6 hours?

Keeps stuff cold for 24 hours, that’s nice, it’s 70F in my apartment.