OEM batteries might last longer

That is a longer life. Probably lasts longer on a charge too.

Most third party batteries swell up after a while.

I have two old batteries, neither have swollen up. One is for an E-PM2 or 1. They are compatible with the E-M10, and E-M10 Mark II.

Already said my sister could have the extra battery. It’s old anyways.

Neither have been used that much, probably why they still work. Will third party batteries stop holding a charge and swell up if you don’t use em much? Maybe once a year or something. Might last you ten years if you do that.

On another note, don’t try to open a battery, you risk an explosion by doing so. Thermal runaway. If no explosion, probably a fire.

How long till my phone lights up? Probably when I’m talking on it. Burning the side of my face, having to get it removed. Fake skin installed.

How does Apple have so much extra money, if batteries are hard to make correctly? You’d think it would cost a fortune to design a battery. They could outsource it. They probably charge a fortune though. Unless it’s a cheap place, that cuts corners, and likes fires and explosions.

Women don’t like mind games

I might like mind games with myself.

You can unintentionally do mind games, if you look at them. If you don’t look angry, then they might think you like them after all. Then when they walk through the parking lot to get closer to you, and you don’t look at them again, they’ll take that as a mind game.

Also, she’s to attractive to date anyways. She’s out of my league.

You know who else is out of my league? Based on attractiveness, myself. Good thing I don’t have a clone.

Apparently I only have to eat once a day now

Or two times if you count most of the peanut butter sandwich I ate.

Somebody might insist on me going to the doctor, if I don’t start eating more.

Did the stomach flu cause permanent damage? That’s good for my health, I’ll lose 100 pounds pretty quickly. Already lost 0.8 pounds, in a day. Was a different time though.

Why am I hungry? All food does is make my stomach sore.

Three times, if you count the soup I just ate. That’s how many meals most people eat a day.

Three green turds

Were the turds green or just the residue? Couldn’t tell. Probably bile from my liver coming out in my shit now.

I wouldn’t recommend getting the stomach flu, it lasts at least three days.

It’ll suck if I can’t go to my appointments, then I’ll have to wait a month or longer to see the doctor, think it’s been over 3 months, possibly six months.

I’ll have to get on a waiting list, and see the nurse lady.

Apparently dyed drinks will make your shit green.

Do Promaster batteries swell up?

You can’t buy them everywhere. Huppin’s might have it, their site lists it. You can’t check to see if they have it though, and you can’t order online.

Not much cheaper then the Olympus battery, if you buy the Olympus battery on Amazon or B&H.

But if the local store has it, you get it sooner. It’s also possible to get a counterfeit battery from Amazon. So you might as well save the money and buy the third party.

If I get a counterfeit battery from Amazon, and it swells up, will Olympus remove it?

Most third party batteries lie about the capacity. There was an article I found on Google, didn’t read all of it though. Don’t know what the Promaster capacity claim is, or the official Olympus, and to lazy to look it up.

The Olympus is 1210 mAh. The Promaster doesn’t say how much it is, just “Replaces: Olympus BLS–5/50 7.4V 1400Ah”. There’s no way the Promaster is 1400Ah, you’d probably have an explosion in that case. If they mean mAh, that’s more then the official battery, therefore a lie. 1400Ah is 1400000mAh. I’d like to have what Huppin’s is smoking. Or not.

My stomach doesn’t like food

Not even soup. Mom brought some homemade soup over, ate one container, and now my stomach is sore.

Think the same thing happened yesterday when eating soup, at least the second time.

It’s chicken soup, like chicken noodle soup, but without noodles.

Can you buy good pillows in town?

Not the cheap Walmart pillows. There’s some on Amazon that says relief for neck pain. That might do the trick, without having to use just one pillow. If I can use both of them, then I can breathe better, with no neck pain.

Or go to the doctor and get some oxygen. Might need that during the day too. Being morbidly obese is great, if you don’t like breathing.

Cool Blue Gatorade tastes way better then water

That’s the problem with getting the stomach flu, you won’t like plain water anymore, even if the water is filtered.

It’s got sugar and sodium in it. I wonder how much this new drinking diet will cost. Might gain weight, if I start eating again. Might mostly eat soup now though. Eat as least as possible, so when I get the stomach flu again, it won’t be as bad.

That’s a good way to lose weight, get the stomach flu, get paranoid about puking, barely eat.

They do make diet Gatorade, don’t think it tastes as good though. Just get your calories from Gatorade, instead of food.

Amazon’s brand doesn’t mean quality

Their DisplayPort cables may have issues. I’ll order a $20 cable, that is certified, to see if that solves my problems.

Didn’t know DisplayPort was sensitive. Pretty much any HDMI cable will work. My monitor only has one HDMI input, might have a DVI input, could switch to that. That would be cheaper then a $20 cable.

Apartments are funny

Make one person not like you, and then nobody likes you.