Philo is tempting

Only $16 a month, and I can record HGTV shows again.

Doesn’t look like HDHomeRun Premium TV is getting that channel back any time.

Doesn’t record to your computer though, kind of a bummer. I could keep Premium TV, and use Philo too. But I bet the quality is better on Philo, so there’s no point in keeping Premium TV.

It’s a real 7 day trial, no card needed, just give em your number, so they can spam you. Does Google Voice work? Yes it does.

Why did they disable the scrollbar? I have to use my mouse wheel to scroll.

Nice, they don’t need any info other then my number. But how am I supposed to login without a password?

Guess you don’t need a password, you just enter your number, I assume. And then get an insecure text, allowing anyone to login.

Chromium doesn’t support DRM apparently. Firefox does, if you enable it, searched DRM in the settings in Chromium nothing, went to chrome://flags, no DRM there either.

Let’s see how shitty it runs in Firefox.

Philo works in Firefox in Linux! That’s one of the few streaming services that do. Sling TV requires a Windows program. I only know of two that work in Linux, HDHomeRun Premium TV, and now Philo. That’s worth $16 right there.

Doesn’t work in Firejail though.

Hard to tell if the quality is better then HDHomeRun Premium TV. Does have channels I don’t get though.

The quality might be slightly better.

And if you are wondering, the DRM is useless, I just recorded not very long in OBS, I was just seeing if it worked.

Does somebody make a Philo DVR? It just needs to load it in Firefox, there’s PlayOn or whatever in Windows.

If you record to your computer, you get to keep the recording forever.