Philo’s DVR is good enough

Considering it being one of the cheapest streaming TV services.

You don’t have to fast forward, the old fashion way, of clicking a button, then stopping it. Just click OK on your Logitech remote, and then click the right arrow by OK, until you see a frame that looks like the show, then click OK again.

Apparently if your Logitech remote has bluetooth, the Philo app might not work. Also, to turn closed captions on, you apparently need the original remote, you have to swipe down, I think it was down.

Oh and their closed captions kind of suck. Missing some letters, some words. Kind of a mess. Good enough for it’s purpose though, not having to crank the volume up till it destroys itself. Should of got a ZVOX, I could of for free, they sent it after refunding me, she told them to send it back.