Rainway doesn't work in Chromium or Chrome

No mouse input apparently. Keyboard works, but there's no mouse, at least not in the game. No wonder it's free, it doesn't even work.

Software encoding might look better, but no mouse in Fallout 76. But there's a mouse if you alt tab, the second time I tried playing Fallout 76.

No mouse is a Rainway problem. There's a mouse if you don't use Rainway. Also, there might be huge latency, so you'd have to wait a good twenty minutes for the mouse to move.

I think I know why it doesn't work, I only have one mouse hooked up, so the game thinks there's no mouse. Except, the buttons on the mouse works fine. And the cursor works in Windows, just not Fallout.

And Rainway crashed yet again. My video driver could be outdated, not sure that would cause Rainway to crash though. Using the CPU for encoding might. Nothing else is crashing.

I found the hotkeys, ctrl shift c to capture mouse, and ctrl shift o to see the overlay. Is it z or c? Google says z. Thought the settings said c.

Shitload of dropped frames. Is it going over the internet? If so, there's the problem, my upload is to shitty. Apparently to shitty for low quality too, says you need 3 Mbps, my upload is 6.

Haha, I was using Chromium, didn't actually test in Chrome yet, my sh file had Chromium in it.

Mouse works in Battlefield 1. Guess Rainway isn't compatible with Fallout 76, that makes it useless, all games should work.

Well it works, but not that great. No sound this time, had to restart the game, couldn't do anything. That took many tries.

When you move around, it jumps straight to wherever you moved the camera. It would be much harder to play games using Rainway then switching the input on my monitor.

Updated the video driver, probably won't reinstall Rainway though. Might not work because of the video card in Linux, what's the point in streaming if you need something fancy? I'm not installing the closed source driver either. That's the whole point in using a AMD card in Linux. Maybe disabling hardware acceleration in Chromium would make it better.

Didn't make a video, OBS is semi messed up. Showing stuff from one of my browsers, you have to hide the preview, then display it. Accidentally did that just now. Will a shitty Displayport cable do that too? Probably not.

Parsec is probably way better, I remember it working on a Chromebook I had, or a Dell laptop, don't remember which. Oh wait, probably the Dell laptop, because there was no working Linux client then. I think you can use it in a browser now.

OS: Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Android. Linux is not tested, however it may work.

Ha, they don't test it in Linux. No wonder it's shit. From here. It's funny how their blog post mentions it working in Linux, or their "press release". The post doesn't say it hasn't been tested in Linux.

That was posted the same day as their blog post. I wonder if Vivaldi works better, probably not. Think it's based on Chrome too. Installing that browser, I may or may not try Rainway again though. Might switch to that if I get sick of Firefox.

Video Decode: Unavailable

In Chromium, after enabling it. Unavailable in Vivaldi too. Well, then it probably won't work in anything.

chromium-vaapi might do the trick. Now to uninstall Vivaldi, since it doesn't support VA-API. And Vivaldi might work, if you install vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs. But I'll just use Chromium.

Nice, can't do that, because Manjaro is outdated.

vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs it is then. Might not work either though.

==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting…

Doesn't work either. Also, I think I have chromium-ffmpeg. Something says to download Ubuntu's. Nope, there isn't one, installing Opera and it's ffmpeg codecs. Same thing as Chromium, "Video Decode: Unavailable".

Video Decode: Hardware accelerate

There we go, in Chromium, go to chrome://flags and search for "ignore-gpu-blacklist". Enable that, and it's accelerated now. Maybe tomorrow I'll try Rainway again.

That doesn't mean anything, you need the VA-API patched Chrome, can't build it because Manjaro doesn't believe in providing updates. Maybe I'll ditch Manjaro tomorrow.