Rainway doesn’t work in Chromium with hardware video decoding in Linux

Using Chrome, which doesn’t have hardware video decoding, looks correctly. Doubt it runs any good though.

YouTube works fine in Chromium. Guess whatever video codec Rainway uses doesn’t work for me.

Nope, found an extension to force video to h264 on YouTube, now it looks like the above.

It’s using MojoVideoDecoder.

Fixed it, use –use-gl=egl when launching it. Saw that on the AUR. Now to see if Rainway works.

Doesn’t look like the above, but still no mouse cursor in Fallout 76, so you can’t start the game.

Funny, the article I read said the video decoder should have GPU in it. The MojoVideoDecoder replaces that. Nice old article. You can see what decoder is being used by going to chrome://media-internals.