Ryujinx sort of works

If you can find a game that doesn’t crash it. Zelda might of worked if I waited long enough. There’s no sound in Linux.

Disgaea 5 Complete boots, but after you skip all the conversation after starting the game, the animations are in slow motion.

The CPU nor GPU are getting very hot. Funny, says over 50 FPS, but in slow motion.

Does that emulator only use one core? Probably.

The load is under 10% on the video card. Or is it using the 460, even though I used my script to use the 570?

That emulator is a dick, just ran it without the script. There might be load on the 460 though, as it’s still showing the image from the 570. And it crashed, so it was probably using the 570.

Maybe the GPU isn’t increasing it’s clocks, might be stuck on the lowest speed.

It looks better then on the TV though, thanks to my expensive 24″ monitor. Also, the TV is 4k, game might only be 720p. To bad BenQ doesn’t make TVs, they do make projectors.