She really does have an anger problem

Just ask her a question, like when the vet is open again.

I’ll find some other way to get her medicine that doesn’t involve her. Take her to a different vet, get a prescription, and pay for it.

Clearly she doesn’t give a fuck.

Medicine might not help very much anyways. No idea why she is constantly getting mad at me for asking a simple question. Maybe I should record her if I ever speak to her again, and then play it back for her, so she can see why people don’t want to speak to her.

Riding in her car may result in death for me and/or Tonka anyways. She’s constantly looking at her phone. Not just at stop lights anymore, now when somebody turns and she’s slowly going down the road, eyes glued to her phone. If somebody jumped out in front of her, she would of hit them. And it would be 100% her fault.

She drinks wine everyday too, drives after doing that as well. She couldn’t even back out of the garage. Either she forgot how to drive, or was drunk. Or both. Then her car kept beeping, most likely not staying in her lane.

Oh yeah, and she drinks because of me. So there’s really no point in speaking to her anymore. If she hates me that much.