Stomach hurts worse today

Yesterday, I just had to puke to make my stomach feel better. Taking a runny dump doesn't make my stomach feel better. Maybe a little.

Probably hurts because I took my medicine today, and ate crackers.

Nice stomach flu Zips gave me.

Stinky runny dumps.

If you don't eat or drink for ten days, you might not take any runny dumps. But after three days of zero fluid, you'll be dead.

Should probably eat some of the soup my sister dropped off. More Gatorade too.

I might not go anywhere tomorrow either, if I do, probably the walk in clinic. What do they do for the stomach flu? Probably nothing.

All the puking things everybody got last year, I never puked from any of them. So I'll probably get a puking thing at the end of January every year now. Unless, I don't eat at Zips.

Took a non runny dump, more like the opposite. Good luck pushing anything out when your stomach hurts. Instead, there was a big mess on my butt. Only two lousy turds came out.