That was a waste of time

Thought the dog had to go poop, because earlier when I took her out, she was pulling to go the other way, but I went inside instead.

Not taking her outside after 10 pm again. As if anybody is out there, she will bark. If she wakes somebody up, they will complain. So she might get herself evicted. Not worth losing an apartment over a dog, just give her back to my mom.

Except other people's dogs bark all the time. So I'll wait to evict her until they evict me, and then I'll ask why none of the other people are getting evicted.

Didn't stay outside when she started barking. If she barks, then I'll just go inside. Maybe someday she will learn how to go to the bathroom, instead of barking at everything.

Almost 11 pm. Didn't realize she was going to bark.