tkg-protonified-4.1 Fallout 76

Mouse works in tgk-protonified, that’s Wine with patches. Don’t know why the mouse doesn’t work in Proton.

Game crashed, cause I clicked space bar in photo mode, taking the picture crashes the game.

Compiling a newer one.

Does H.264 not work in iOS? Tried viewing the video on my phone, maybe 6 Mbps is to slow, you might have to wait for it to load some of it.

The default profile is high, which doesn’t work with iOS. Nope, just checked FFmpeg’s site, and it should work with the high profile. On the iPhone 7.

Might be the audio format. There isn’t actually audio in it though. Should support the audio that isn’t in it. Didn’t have the right device selected in my settings in OBS.

Compiling the new version was pointless, it crashes just like the regular 4.2. Reinstalling xact or whatever might fix it. But I’m lazy, just reinstalled the regular 4.2.

I was right, video didn’t play on iPhone because of the blank audio track. I removed the audio, re uploaded it, and now it plays.