Took a warm shower

I was all sweaty while sleeping. Probably have a fever.

Had the runs when I woke up. Dog didn't seem to want to go outside this morning. But I needed to pay my rent anyways.

Might be going to the walk in clinic tomorrow. Might be something else wrong with you, if you have the stomach flu for three days.

Super weak too, hard to stand up. Neck hurt really bad while sleeping. No idea how people sleep a lot when they have the stomach flu. If I'm not sleeping my neck doesn't hurt.

Breathing might be harder now too.

Probably weak from the lack of food and fluids. A fever might make you weak too.

My BMI is almost 40, that means high risk if you have the regular flu.

The runs isn't better if you are weak, you'll probably fail to completely wipe your butt.

Nice, diarrhea can last up to ten days.

I might of made it worse by drinking a lot to soon. How am I not supposed to do so? Thirsty as fuck.

Only one runny dump. Stomach hurts, probably because I took my medicine. I did eat some crackers after taking it.

Maybe the Popsicle I ate earlier gave me the runs. Ate one around 5 am.