What happened with HDHomeRun Premium TV?

None of the staff are saying why they removed something from the status post, about missing channels.

Does that mean they aren’t coming back? Or are they coming back and they will be improving the quality?

Nobody knows, because they don’t tell their customers anything.

I’m to lazy to email them every month to get a $10 credit. So I’ll just use Sling TV. After this expires. I might be to lazy to sign up though, then I have to add all my shows into it to record. I also can’t just click a button on my remote and skip the commercials, I think you have to do it the old way, just click fast forward, then play once it’s past the commercials.

No paid TV service works too, just don’t watch anything that isn’t OTA. There are other ways to get TV shows, without paid TV, but I’m to lazy to do that too. The only thing I’d do is resubscribe, and keep using HDHomeRun, I don’t have to add my shows to record, it’s already configured.

I’ll wait to resubscribe until closer to next month. See if they post anything on their forum.