What I should buy

Is a Mac. I’d rather wait for them to have a Mac with their own CPU. I don’t need a Intel CPU.

But do I really need macOS? If you aren’t lazy, you can run it in a VM, I’d recommend using GPU passthrough. I am lazy though, so I won’t do that. Also, Apple can ban you for doing so. From all their services.

Buy a Chromebook instead. Or the SMACH Z. I like the SMACH Z better, it’s smaller, probably slower, but smaller. Might almost fit in my pocket.

Chromebooks are evil, that’s what makes them. So it’s settled, SMACH Z it is, probably the cheapest one with only 4 GB of RAM. I don’t intend to play games on it, so their Linux OS is fine. And you can still play games on it, there’s going to be some new streaming thing, can’t remember the name of it. It works in a web browser.

The streaming thing is called Rainway. And it’s available. Wasn’t last time I looked at it. Doctor said to play video games for 30 minutes a day, to see if I get the interest back, play longer if I want. Good luck getting me to do anything other then sitting at my computer. I could play games on it, but I’m lazy.

But I’m curious to how it works, so I’ll install it in Windows. And make a video of it in Linux.

Downloading Rainway in Linux, put it on a shared drive. To lazy to use a web browser in Windows, it’s probably outdated anyways. What I need to do, is install Sandboxie, I have a license. The download failed, retried and says it’s done now. Oops, forgot to move the file to a share. Luckily, I can just click both ctrls to use the keyboard in Linux. After it slowly starts to boot.