Why does my water taste like soap?

How did soap get in my water pitcher? Can’t taste it if I use drink mix. I usually take my bedtime medicine with plain water, looks like my plain water, might be soapy water. Or maybe that’s how bad plain water tastes, like soap.

What happens if you drink soap? The filter doesn’t filter out soap? I’m to lazy to dump it out, and then clean it, then fill it back up. Takes a long time if you use a smaller filter. Oh wait, I might know how soap got in it, I put the top for the smaller pitcher down, where soap was once, on the counter, maybe it dripped off the lid into the small pitcher.

I’d taste that water, but it probably tastes horrible, it has an old filter in it. Just read Amazon, and you’ll see why to fill up a big ZeroWater with a smaller one, that has the old filter.

I wouldn’t recommend tasting old filter water. Tastes like fish, just like the reviews say. Tested the big pitcher, and it’s 000. I wouldn’t even give the dog the old filter water. I wonder how long till I need a new filter for the big pitcher, the little pitcher gets the old pitcher in the big pitcher, the old filter from the little pitcher goes in the trash, I’m to cheap to pay for shipping to send it to them.

Will soap change the TDS reading? If so, there’s no soap in it, and water tastes horrible. Don’t get the stomach flu, you won’t ever drink plain water again, only to take medicine.