Will probably switch back to Mythtv

I was only using Channels because it’s easy to use Premium TV with it. I think you can use that with Mythtv now.

Problem with Mythtv, is the full screen GUI. Not what I’d call user friendly.

There’s some other thing I was looking at a while ago. Think it’s Tvheadend. You configure that in a web browser, like Channels. The Apple TV app might not do subtitles. Might not need them for cartoons though.

I’ll probably be lazy and keep Channels. There’s not an official Mythtv app for Apple TV either.

There is an Apple TV Mythtv app, but it’s $10. Not sure if you can skip commercials with a Logitech remote. Says you can with the Apple TV remote.

There is another option, there’s a script on the Mythtv forum, that’ll add the commercial markers to chapters, then you can use Plex, and just skip chapters, if you remove the commercials, and it screws up, you won’t have the entire show.

Channels is cancelled. I can keep using it till next month.