ZeroWater filters stink

Something stinks, I notice it the most when unscrewing the ZeroWater Filter, it keeps getting air trapped in it.

You have to unscrew it to get air out of it. You’ll know, if it’s filtering super slow, basically at a standstill. I shouldn’t need to replace it yet, I fill a smaller one up, and then the big one. So the big one doesn’t need to work much to filter.

Somebody on Amazon said to do that. Since I needed a new water tester, I just bought a new pitcher & filter, for almost the same price as the meter. It came with a meter.

The meter I bought on Amazon, says 0, even when it is more. The old one I threw out, would sort of work, and say 00x. Apparently whatever I bought on Amazon doesn’t do 00x. It works for tap water. But that’s over 100, almost 200.