Duet Display

Looks like that works with all iPads and iPhones, with iOS 7.0+. The Pro upgrade only works on the iPad Pro.

So I can take a Mac mini on vacation. You just plug the charging cable into your Mac, or PC. Should test it in Windows, but I’m lazy. And it costs $10.

Or in macOS if I ever get it installed. It’s still unmounting the installer image.

Wait a second, isn’t it only USB 2.0 on my iPad? How can they get 60 FPS with that?

Splashtop Wired Xdisplay that’s cheaper. Don’t know what resolution it supports, probably only 1080p. I want the iPad’s full resolution. That might be the only one that might add Linux support. Cheaper too, only $3. I lied, looks like it’s currently free.

Slow process making the .qcow2 for macOS’s installer

Don’t know if the create ISO script works. I’d have to have macOS to use it. Don’t feel like booting Windows to use Windows programs to do it.

Just create a 10 GB .qcow2 file, I failed at resizing the one I converted from the img I got with dmg2img. So I just deleted the partition, and made a new one. It’s still copying everything from the Installer App folder to the qcow2 image. You need hfsprogs to format as HFS+.

To mount the “BaseSystem.img”, use qemu-nbd, instructions for that here. To get the img file, use dmg2img.

Using mount to mount the img file doesn’t work for some unknown reason. Doesn’t matter if you use an offset or not. According to file, the start sector is 1. Internet says the offset is s * 512, which is 512. The sector size is 512. If you use the start in fdisk, that doesn’t work either. Just says wrong FS or something. You can specify hfsplus and it says the same thing.

/dev/nbd1p1 on /mnt/base_old type hfsplus (rw,relatime,umask=22,uid=0,gid=0,nls=utf8)

It’s HFS+, that’s mounted with qemu-nbd.

Slow because the image file is on a mechanical drive.

Why won’t Clover boot with host-passthrough in QEMU? Thought the config I’m using was for Ryzen.

Why does Sofie bite cats on the head?

If you say because she’s a dog, you are wrong. Buddy didn’t do that, neither did Meiko, and Tonka doesn’t. I don’t think Chibi even cared about cats.

Don’t remember Meiko caring much about cats either.

Buddy did chase one of the cats we had once, he pinned her down apparently. I don’t remember, and probably didn’t see it happen. If the cat doesn’t run, dogs are usually confused. Spike didn’t like dogs, so ran from them.

Think I’ll buy a new water filter

Not ZeroWater. It smells horrible, even doing the two filter “trick”. Washing the big pitcher out could help.

But I’m lazy. Other filters don’t smell like fish. There could be bacteria. I suppose that can give you the runs too.

Or do the two filter trick, with a different brand, the first filter is the brand that doesn’t smell like fish. Then filter it into the big ZeroWater filter.

Using just one filter, and it doesn’t even last to 006. Tastes horrible before 006.

A better option, just use water straight from the tap. I won’t be able to taste it anyways, I put drink mix in it.

The older filter is 193-195 when testing it. The newer filter is 003. I threw both filters out. I still have the pitchers. But I’m to cheap to buy a new filter for it, or a different filter all together.

This tap water isn’t cold. I might buy one when I have 2k in the bank. That’ll be a while.

Seems like the trick didn’t work that well. When did I get the new filter?

Ha, January is when I got it. The trick didn’t work at all, I was changing it before every 2 months or so. The internet lies.

Error: couldn’t find RGB GLX visual or fbconfig

In Manjaro, I just had to switch to the stable branch, then run “sudo pacman -Syyu | grep “warning:”. And then put all the warnings in a text file called downgrade.txt, and then run “cut -d “:” -f 2 downgrade.txt | tr -d ‘\n'”, and then run sudo pacman -S copy and paste all the packages from the last command. That’ll downgrade to the stable version, you probably will want to run “sudo pacman -Syyu” after it’s done.

I was originally doing it manually, but got tired of doing it.

To lazy to figure out what package broke OpenGL. So I just went back to the stable branch.

If you are already using the stable branch, then you have a different problem.

The unstable branch gets updates, but doesn’t update the dependencies, so you end up with a broken system.

Tried downgrading the packages I just updated to in the unstable branch, but that didn’t work. Might of missed a package. To much work to manually downgrade. So I just switched back to the stable branch.

BackupDragon is unreliable

If you like “No route to host” it’s great. I was trying to connect earlier, and it kept saying that. Woke up, and got an email my backup failed, the log says the same thing.

Anyone know a cheap backup solution that doesn’t go down frequently?

It’s still down. Time to email support.

Good idea

Don’t buy a table. Wait till I have an extra $700+ in the bank, and buy a Mac mini. No thunderbolt on my computer.

When will they switch to their own CPUs? Then your Hackintosh will be a shitty ARM SBC. Unless Apple doesn’t drop Intel support.

Apple could just sell me a macOS license, to install on my PC. I’d put it in a VM. I’m to lazy to mess with Hackintosh crap. Also, AMD complicates it.

I’ll put it in a VM later. I’d be in bed, but it feels hotter then 72F. Maybe cause of the sweatpants I have on.

You don’t need a special kernel anymore. That should make it easier. I won’t boot any OS bare metal, besides Linux.

Where do I download macOS? No Mac, so it’s a pain in the ass. I have an old macOS image. Maybe, unless I deleted it.

I found a download for it. But I’m going to bed. Also, I might not need to use Windows. I need to find how I got Clover to work in QEMU.

Stinky water

The two ZeroWater filter trick, doesn’t get rid of the smell. The second filter gets rid of the awful taste, but not the awful smell.

If you pour the water in something with a lid, you won’t notice.

Winegard CC-7870 All-Channel Coupler

Why does it have somewhat bad reviews on Walmart?

Works great, even with just one antenna. Apparently to strong of a signal will make your TV worse. Not using a booster without it may or may not fix it. A attenuator would probably accomplish the same thing, but it only has one use.

A coupler/combiner is a better deal, if you move, and you need two antennas, you can use it for that too. I’ll still use another antenna with it, just to see if I can get the channels that I don’t get. Well, I do get them on a different channel, PBS broadcasts on more then one channel, apparently KXLY does too.

If you get both of the channels, then you can have two windows open, and watch both of them. Assuming you have a HDHomeRun, or something else with two tuners.

Bad reviews, because they don’t know how to use it. Funny made the picture worse. Where are they pointing the antennas? And are they the same. Based on the lack of information, they don’t know what they are doing.

With just one antenna, it made my reception better. And what does the picture worse mean? Pixelated? I get that on some religion channel. That might be a VHF channel. Is there an antenna signal finder site that lists that channel? The site I use doesn’t list it.

According to one site, I need a pre amp for some channels. Why not a signal booster?


If you use a amp with a antenna combiner, your signal quality will be shit, and some channels will have a shitty symbol quality. If you have 0% symbol quality, you can’t watch it.

Only one antenna, was just seeing if it works with one antenna. Might of actually made the antenna better. Apparently better then a shitty signal amp booster thing.

Interesting, I might not need another antenna, the PBS I get, seems to work just fine now. Well, it might be doing what I can’t remember what it’s called, I think it does the opposite of an amp.

I didn’t need a coax cable, found one. I’ll use the new one if it ever comes though, it’s probably shorter.

Maybe I’ll get the other PBS channel with another antenna. Got to wait for that too. Should of bought one from Walmart. The other PBS channel is a little over 30 miles away. Might not be possible to get it with my antenna.

KXLY is how PBS was now.

Can I use the booster with the other antenna if I ever get it? That should fix KXLY, except it might of made itself better.

Wrong KXLY, the one on 13 is fine. But I need all of them. Do they have the same show on at the same time on both channels? If so, I can watch the same thing in two windows.

I have no idea what it’s called. Saw it on a forum, don’t really remember what I searched for either.

Well, it does have a slight signal loss. Apparently that makes it better somehow.

Found the forum, search for HDHomeRun bad symbol quality. It’s called a attenuator.

a device consisting of an arrangement of resistors which reduces the strength of a radio or audio signal.

According to Google. So sounds like, that’s what it’s doing. Except, the signal strength might be higher then with the booster without the magical combiner.