AC Outlet Portable Charger RAVPower 27000mAh 85W(100W Max)

Is it pure sine wave? If not, you might damage stuff if you plug it into the AC port.

Some of the brands I've never heard of, advertise it as pure sine wave. But the RAVPower doesn't say what it is. It's only $130 on Amazon.

Is the Bioenno Power pure sine wave? If you use the DC output, is it pure sine wave? Just get a converter.

Modified sine wave inverter

For the Bioenno Power. Look at the PDF. The more expensive one doesn't say.

The $450 one is pure sine wave, you don't need to look at the PDF to see, it's on the page. Sold, or not, I don't have $450. I might on Monday. Or Moonday.

I need it for the trip. Except, USB battery packs would work just fine, and I have one. Buy another one, for way less then $450. But you can't plug a laptop into it, that I don't have. You can't plug a TV into it either. Just strap a TV down in the van, and watch TV for not very long.

Go Power! 1500 Watt GP-ISW1500-12 Industrial Pure Sine Wave Inverter

That's sold by Amazon directly. And more watts then the Bioenno Power. You can turn a laser printer on with that, but it'll be dead before you print. That says something about your battery bank or something supporting so many amps. Sounds like you might fry stuff.

You can get a DC to 120Vac power inverter. Do they make a 120 watt one? Don't need 1,000 watts. What happens if the watt is to much? 60 watts is all you need.

Bioenno Power has a 300 watt power inverter pure sine wave for $50. Says on request though. So you can't just buy it. And you'd need a fancy cable to plug it into the power bank.

Good idea, sell my bike, and buy the $450 one. Maybe the solar panel too, then it'll cost a little over $600.

If it's not advertised as pure sine wave, it isn't. Kind of pointless in buying then.