Are you not supposed to use f8 inside?

Why not? Isn't that what flashes are for? Not sure that's the sharpest aperture, 32mm f8 is sharp.

Will more light result in less noise? To lazy to search, and I don't understand anything. That's why I'm still single.

The answer appears to be yes. I took a picture with a shutter of 30 or something, and then 60 which is what the camera picks. Both f8, also took one at 10 for the shutter speed, 10 is the best. I wouldn't recommend using the numbers with ", whatever that means. Inches maybe?

Changing the EV compensation might do it too. I'll just use it in M mode, and set my shutter manually, and keep the aperture at f8. I could of kept my old camera, thanks to the new lens, the camera uses a shitty shutter speed.

That's on the camera, didn't look at the pictures on my computer yet. Taking the SD card out is a pain, the grip doesn't give you much room to grab it. It has an opening, not the official grip. I wouldn't buy the official one, it's like $60, and no opening. Rather have a small opening then none. Shouldn't of trimmed my fingernails. Now it's even harder to remove the card. Got it out with a key, there's a little slit or something on the top of the card. If I had fingernails, I could use them. Maybe indent is a better word.

Can I go any slower then 1/10 s? Go to low, and it'll be blurry. The IBIS won't make every slow shutter possible.

If you use the really slow speeds with the " in it, your camera will show a black screen for a long time. I tried getting it do something, I think it finally changed modes, right before I turned it off.

The noise is acceptable at 1/10 s. But none would be ideal. But good luck, lowering the ISO will make it less bright. I'd need a new flash. I think if I buy the same one, I can make it a slave.

Is there a reason my camera picks 1/60 s?

1/10 s
1/60 s

All at ISO 800, click the image, and view the original, and zoom in, look at the dishwasher, the brand is mush on the 1/60 s. The noise by the door is similar on both though. The focus was on the dishwasher.

Is that really noise? Or shutter shock? Almost looks like the same amount of noise on the dishwasher, just blurred on the 1/60 s image. Might be easier to see the noise on a darker image.

To lazy to mess with the anti shock setting. Already put camera away. Maybe in 5+ months I will.

Brilliant, IBIS makes it so you can use cheap lenses at f8. You shouldn't need to use a Pro lens at f8 inside. Or maybe you would, if you don't want bokeh.