Changing the Panasonic 12-32mm to f8 doesn’t make it sharper

Just zoom into text, it isn’t readable. What’s the point in a 12mm lens if it’s mush when you zoom in?

It could be the UV filter. After I pee, I’ll try again without the UV filter. Lowering the ISO, increasing the ISO, neither affect it, so it’s not noise.

How far zoomed is 14x? In %? I deleted all the test pictures on my camera.

It’s fine if it’s close, but if the subject is far away, it’s useless. I turned image stabilization off too, that didn’t solve anything. No flash doesn’t improve it either. Well, if you use ISO 800, it’s blurry.

That lens almost gets a 10 from a site, 8.9. According to the review, it’s sharp. Are they doing interior indoor photos? Cause if you zoom in, it’s mush. It’s sharp at 32mm f8, but not for me from a distance, when zooming in. They should show a landscape photo with it, or interior. Then I’ll know if I have a knockoff, or a very shitty sample, or user error.

Are they not zooming in? Lots of good reviews. The Olympus probably is better. Probably bigger though. And it would of been used.

The photos on their Flickr page look fine. Maybe 14x is way more then 100%. You aren’t supposed to zoom in past 100%, unless you like mush. Well, better go pee, then eat some crackers and cheese. I’m sure the dog wants some cheese and crackers. She’s begging as much as Chibi did now.

I basically need to take some pictures, and view them on my computer, since I don’t know the % of 14x. That could be over 1,000%.

Looking at the pictures, I took yesterday, they don’t look that bad at 100%. So the lens is probably fine, especially for $125 or whatever it was before tax.