Duet Display

Looks like that works with all iPads and iPhones, with iOS 7.0+. The Pro upgrade only works on the iPad Pro.

So I can take a Mac mini on vacation. You just plug the charging cable into your Mac, or PC. Should test it in Windows, but I'm lazy. And it costs $10.

Or in macOS if I ever get it installed. It's still unmounting the installer image.

Wait a second, isn't it only USB 2.0 on my iPad? How can they get 60 FPS with that?

Splashtop Wired Xdisplay that's cheaper. Don't know what resolution it supports, probably only 1080p. I want the iPad's full resolution. That might be the only one that might add Linux support. Cheaper too, only $3. I lied, looks like it's currently free.