Game streaming is a great idea

If you don’t have Comcast, if you play a lot of streaming games, you’ll go over 1 TB of your data limit.

Also, from Google, not such a great idea. More online DNA you’ll give them to sell. People don’t like sites having their human DNA, but online DNA is fine.

You wouldn’t need Windows though, unless they make it require Windows. Kind of pointless if that’s the case. Can you import your saves?

You can use the same computer till it dies too, with game streaming.

It’s called Stadia. The video for it was lame. But it has 4k. Will it work on iOS? Or be Android only? If it’s available before I might go on vacation, I can play games on their probably shitty WiFi.

How much will it cost? And they should make it work on the Apple TV, the one I have, supports 4k. My monitor is only 1440p.

It’s good for game makers. Pirating games will be much harder.

Funny that game streaming is the only reason games will be running on Linux. They could just release the fucking game to Linux for everybody.