Good idea

Don't buy a table. Wait till I have an extra $700+ in the bank, and buy a Mac mini. No thunderbolt on my computer.

When will they switch to their own CPUs? Then your Hackintosh will be a shitty ARM SBC. Unless Apple doesn't drop Intel support.

Apple could just sell me a macOS license, to install on my PC. I'd put it in a VM. I'm to lazy to mess with Hackintosh crap. Also, AMD complicates it.

I'll put it in a VM later. I'd be in bed, but it feels hotter then 72F. Maybe cause of the sweatpants I have on.

You don't need a special kernel anymore. That should make it easier. I won't boot any OS bare metal, besides Linux.

Where do I download macOS? No Mac, so it's a pain in the ass. I have an old macOS image. Maybe, unless I deleted it.

I found a download for it. But I'm going to bed. Also, I might not need to use Windows. I need to find how I got Clover to work in QEMU.