Had to plug my antenna into it’s booster

Family Guy from last weekend had issues. I didn’t watch The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers yet. I sleep till 2 pm or later usually. I had two longer shows to watch on Philo, and there’s one left.

The quality didn’t really increase, but the strength did, it was 100 after I plugged it in.

How do you get the quality up? Signal Quality is 62% on the channel Family Guy is on. The strength is 100%, and the symbol quality is also 100%. The symbol quality keeps going to 0%, and the signal quality is 55%.

Did they do something to their dishes or whatever they are called? Maybe they moved the building. Down to 42%, and 0% symbol quality.

Maybe my HDHomeRun took a dump. Do antennas stop working? I do remember KXLY saying they were doing something, and you’d have to rescan or something.

Adjusting the antenna may of helped. You have to watch it for for a while to know.

KXLY seems to work better.

Interesting, the HDHomeRun’s power supply could be failing, and causing the issues.

No idea how somebody gets 16 Mbps though, the max I’ve seen is around 11 Mbps, my computer is also wired. Where do I get a new power supply for it? That’s in Australia though.

I need to unhook the amp, apparently a high signal strength causes issues.

Oh and a 12dB attenuator might help.

Are NI-MH batteries supposed to get hot while charging? One of my Amazon batteries is hot, the other batteries on the charger aren’t. Probably the charger overcharging, it’s only supposed to be 2000 mAh, not over that. Looks like NI-MH batteries get hot. Might not be hot, warm might be a better word.

The charger has a tickle charge function, probably didn’t remove it soon enough. I need a charger that stops charging the battery when it’s full, no tickling.