How did I get one Amazon rechargeable battery with almost a 3000 mAh capacity?

It’s still charging, might get up to 3000 mAh or more. I looked at one that’s charged, and they are made in China. They look different then the current ones on their site, they are black. The rated capacity is 2000 mAh.

I thought China didn’t make good batteries? Actually, I think somebody said it’s a draw of luck if it’ll be good or not.

They still sell some black ones, the picture for the ones in my order history, shows white. Don’t think I have any white Amazon batteries.

What is the capacity for the high capacity ones? They are 2400 mAh. Looks like I got a magical battery. How likely would it be to get four batteries that charge to almost 3000 mAh, that are advertised as 2000 mAh? Will those high capacity ones fit in my flash?

You are asking for trouble if you leave batteries in devices for two months unused? A flash my grandpa gave me, was destroyed because regular batteries were left in it, not rechargeable ones. I’m to lazy to try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol. Can you even clean it with that? Or will you light it on fire?

It charged a little over 3000 mAh, and it didn’t explode. I was going to get out of bed and check it one more time, but fell a sleep. It was warm while charging, but not when I woke up.