If you use a amp with a antenna combiner, your signal quality will be shit, and some channels will have a shitty symbol quality. If you have 0% symbol quality, you can't watch it.

Only one antenna, was just seeing if it works with one antenna. Might of actually made the antenna better. Apparently better then a shitty signal amp booster thing.

Interesting, I might not need another antenna, the PBS I get, seems to work just fine now. Well, it might be doing what I can't remember what it's called, I think it does the opposite of an amp.

I didn't need a coax cable, found one. I'll use the new one if it ever comes though, it's probably shorter.

Maybe I'll get the other PBS channel with another antenna. Got to wait for that too. Should of bought one from Walmart. The other PBS channel is a little over 30 miles away. Might not be possible to get it with my antenna.

KXLY is how PBS was now.

Can I use the booster with the other antenna if I ever get it? That should fix KXLY, except it might of made itself better.

Wrong KXLY, the one on 13 is fine. But I need all of them. Do they have the same show on at the same time on both channels? If so, I can watch the same thing in two windows.

I have no idea what it's called. Saw it on a forum, don't really remember what I searched for either.

Well, it does have a slight signal loss. Apparently that makes it better somehow.

Found the forum, search for HDHomeRun bad symbol quality. It's called a attenuator.

a device consisting of an arrangement of resistors which reduces the strength of a radio or audio signal.

According to Google. So sounds like, that's what it's doing. Except, the signal strength might be higher then with the booster without the magical combiner.