Just got The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind for free

The OpenMW site said it’s only free the 25th, which was yesterday. But their site says till the 31st. GBAtemp said it was only free two days ago. Their site said “yesterday” for the posted date and that was yesterday.

Looks like Lutris doesn’t work. Won’t open the Bethesda Launcher.

That sucks, I have to boot Windows to download it.

It downloaded, and installed to the wrong folder. I changed it, but apparently it installed to my SSD anyways. So I had to mount the Windows drive, and copy it to my games drive.

OpenMW works. Got to go to bed though. And the text is hard as fuck to read. Apparently everybody use to be able to read tiny text. Or they played it at 800×600, not 1440p.