Looks like I don't need a powered hub for my Pi Zero W

Not for a ethernet adapter, card reader, and a SSD in an enclosure. Now to copy the 500 MB dummy file to the SSD, to see if it stays connected.

I made the dummy file on the SD card.

The MiniPro enclosure, somebody said you need a power adapter if using older computers and Pi type computers.

Well, it copied the file, no disconnects yet. Must have a decent power brick for it.

Amazon makes a cheap mini USB hub, it's $7. I'll buy a micro SD card too, the Pi doesn't need a 128 GB one, or however big it is. Need that for when I restore my NAND backup on my Switch, the backup is 30 GB. And I'll need to make another backup, in case my backup is broken. I can then restore the non clean backup. Copying everything off the micro SD card in it, then formatting to exFAT is to much work. Faster to use a different card.

Copying an entire folder from the SSD to the SD card, to see if that'll make it disconnect. That's what it'll be used for, except SD to SSD. Stays mostly under 10 MB/s. As slow as those all in one portable routers.

And it finished. Looks like it'll work. Pretty sure something I read, said you'd need a powered hub for a SSD, or they made it sound like you would. A mechanical drive would most likely.

Will the rugged StarTech enclosure work with a non powered hub?

The power brick is only 1A. Guess all that stuff doesn't use much power, neither does the Pi Zero W.

Funny review on the Amazon hub, they gave it a bad review, because it won't charge stuff when plugged into a wall USB adapter. No shit, either get a four port charger, or get a powered hub, make sure you understand the specs on the powered hub, or you might be disappointed. A four port USB charger will work way better.

Probably don't need a hub, I forgot I have a two port hub, only need two ports.