Now to write a Python script to check the md5sums of all my images on my Slice

The filenames are different on the Slice, so you have to connect to the database, and get the path from the images table. The md5sum is in the same table. If it doesn't match, put it in a file, then modify my upload script to read that file, and re upload all the broken images.

That's from when there was a power outage at BuyVM. I never did anything about all the corrupted images.

Does the mysql-python not do what I want or something? They all say to use MySQL Connector. Well, I'm to lazy to look for the doc on whatever I have installed, so I installed the connector.

The filename isn't going to work. Easier if I put the md5sum in the file. Not all the original files have a different filename.

Might take a while to run. Will be funny if there's no bad files. I re uploaded some of the files, but probably not all of the corrupted ones.

According to the script, no corrupt files. That means not very many files were corrupt.