Game drive must be corrupted

Can’t open Fallout 76, did nothing when clicking play before I rebooted, rebooted and it said it couldn’t open or something.

Steam won’t open either, Windows says I might not have permission, I changed the permissions.

Should probably format it as ext4, and use a network share. Apparently the permissions are fucked or something. Or do nothing, do the games work in Linux?

No they won’t work in Linux, permission denied. The folder is empty if I go to it in the file browser.

And, permissions mount option is why it doesn’t work in Windows. It isn’t compatible with Windows. Mounted without that option, now copying everything to a different drive, so I can format the game drive.

The data is being copied back. If any of the games are corrupted, I’ll just redownload them.

Apple is ditching Intel next year on their new MacBooks?

According to this they are, look at the end of it.

Most likely a rumor, because Apple doesn’t tell anybody their plans.

I have to spend some of my money, if I get 5k, I’ll get evicted, probably no more money either. Will they have a cheap MacBook? Or will they all cost the same?

I need the top three OSes, I already got two of them. Hackintosh is to much work, it doesn’t “just work”.

Why do you need anything faster then the first gen Ryzen CPUs?

To get 1-10 more FPS in video games? I don’t play video games. I only test them for not very long, then quit.

I might buy a 3rd gen Ryzen CPU though, no compile bug would be nice. Depends if I need a new motherboard, they might not be able to release a bios update, might be to big. Don’t know how much flash my board has. I’ll probably have over a grand when they come out, so I can afford a CPU and a new motherboard.

I probably won’t buy any new lenses, mine are good enough. Might need to bring three of them, but that’s cheaper.

Tokina 300mm

How hard is it to focus that lens? Think a review said, the farther away, the easier it is to focus with that lens.

Here’s some pictures taken with it.

I was going to see if Fallout 76 runs better with the GPU fan at 100%

But instead, I get to wait for chkdsk to finish, everything is read only. It’ll take 9 or more hours.

On another note, iTunes WiFi Syncing still works.

That’s the problem with using NTFS in Linux, and then Windows.

Think I’ll cancel it, and use ntfsfix instead. Or not, that might not do everything chkdsk does.

Does iTunes WiFi Sync work in Wine? Probably not, you need to trust your computer, and Wine has no USB support. Maybe someday.

Dog is going to get herself evicted

Barking for no reason. I was just putting my shoes on to take her outside.

It’s supposed to be quiet from 10 pm to 8 am. So her barking after 10 pm, will most likely get complaints. After I get sick of hearing complaints, I’ll give her back to my mom. She’ll like living over there.

I already know she wants to go outside, she doesn’t need to bark her ass off.

Somebody should complain about the dogs at the end of the hall. They leave after 10 pm, then their dogs whine, or at least one of them does.

No wonder iTunes WiFi syncing doesn’t work

Missing the service you need for it to work. Don’t install from the MS App Store. It’s useless. I did uninstall, and tried reinstalling from the App Store, didn’t see the download link on Apple’s site. It failed at doing that.

Now Windows is rebooting.

Nope, still doesn’t work. The service is there now though. Doesn’t work on iPad either. Maybe, I need to reboot the router.

That’s why it’s called WiFi Sync, it only works on WiFi, the computer has to be on WiFi too. Apple doesn’t think some people use ethernet for everything that has ethernet.

And iPhone works with WiFi Sync now. Don’t eject it. Just unplug it, then click the iPhone icon, click sync, and sure enough it works.

You need to disable IPv6 in your Windows VM, if you don’t, it’ll try connecting with that. All IPv6 traffic is dropped between VLANs. To lazy to allow traffic to it, seeing as the IPs are obtained from Comcast. Also, I don’t understand IPv6 at all, just long ass addresses.

You’ll probably have to restart the Apple Mobile Device Service too.

I use mdns-repeater on my router. Looks like iTunes initiates the connection. If you use a Network Analyzer app in iOS, under Bonjour, you won’t see iTunes.

Apparently iTunes will only try connecting by IPv6 if your computer has an IPv6 address and so does the device. Don’t know if you can tell mdns-repeater to ignore IPv6, might just repeat everything.

You’ll like iOS again once you get an iPad

Messages sync between them, so you can respond to texts on your iPad. Also, the iPad has better multitasking.

Android is a mess, ton of different hardware, some don’t get updates. That’s why some phone manufactures don’t ship Oreo or newer on their phones, they don’t have to support Google’s attempt at getting faster updates to people.

The iPad is faster then the Switch

Look up benchmarks for the NVIDIA SHIELD, it has the same CPU as the Switch, except the Switch I think it clocked slower. That doesn’t mean the video is faster, just the CPU.

I like my $250 iPad more then my Switch.

The Switch doesn’t really seem slow though, if it was running Android it might.

My phone is faster then the Switch too. The iPad and the iPhone 7 have the same CPU.

QEMU is dead

Something must of been updated, and now it can’t load the library it was compiled for. I use qemu-patched from the AUR.

Was going to see if I can get WiFi Sync to work on my iPhone and iPad.

Now I have to compile QEMU.