Funny, HDHomeRun Premium TV has some discovery channels back

Or possibly all the ones they had when I signed up.

Still cheaper to stick with Philo. Don’t want to pay $8 a month for Channels DVR. To lazy to figure out how to use Mythtv with it.

Also, I think the subtitles are gone. There was a big outage on the provider they use.

No need to go to Comcast’s shitty site to pay my bill anymore

Use their shitty app on my iPhone instead, using Apple Pay. I only have my prepaid Cash card in it though. I’d have to call the credit union to add my debit card. So I just transferred $39.99 to my Cash card, and then paid with that.

Might not buy a lens this month

If I wait till next month, I can get the Tamron 14-150mm for $400 on Amazon.

Basically replace most or all of my lenses. Then I can sell a bunch of them.

You can get bokeh with it, you just have to zoom in.

Damn it starts at 14, thought it was 12. Close enough.

On another note, I found an iPad case for $13 or so, around $14 after tax. It was recommended by Wirecutter.

Is anyone supposed to take that review on B&H seriously? Don’t know what defferent means, according to the spell checker, that is spelled wrong. They also, don’t know basic grammar. Not surprising they got bad results, no lens will help them.

Inhalers really do work

Whatever medicine they have. Went to the regular doctor yesterday, it’s already the 1st.

I only used it once, and it improved my breathing. I’ll use it before bed, so hopefully I sleep better. It tastes funny though.

Says you can use it twice every 4 or 6 hours. But the guy said to use it once, wait thirty seconds, before doing it twice. He said most people don’t need the second one.