Panasonic Lumix G Vario 12-32mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH

Was it advertised as not coming with a rear cap? It has the front cap.

You don't need a 9mm lens, 12mm is plenty, just back up and you'll be able to get wide enough pictures. The only good thing about 9mm or less, is you can be closer. I don't go anywhere that requires being close.

I use it at f5.6. Even at 12mm.

The optical stabilization most likely doesn't work on Olympus bodies. There's no switch on the lens. I'd need a Panasonic camera for that. Don't need it, my camera has IBIS.

If you look at the glass in the rear of the lens, you can see something, not sure if it's a reflection, or dust, or something else.

It's probably a kit lens, a pretty good one. Didn't put the pictures on my computer yet.

You need a powerful flash if you use it indoors, mine is powerful enough.

Might not have bokeh, I'd have to zoom in and get close to find out. It has bokeh, take a picture of your tit to see. That's how close you have to be.

Oh yeah, to fix the white balance, without using custom ones, turn off the keep warm setting. Saw something about that option on a forum, never noticed it before, it's under G in the gear icon or whatever.

If using 32mm, you might need to increase the aperture more, that is more then 5.6, not less, 8 > 5.6. You can't make me think aperture as something else, therefore, 8 is bigger then 5.6.

Noise at ISO 800? Might not be noise, might be "soft". Who cares, the lens cost $125 or something before tax, it was new pulled from a bundle. You can only see it on the walls, and the table. Take a picture of the dog, and you can't see whatever it is. If it's soft, turning it down more might help.

Here's a picture for the ladies.

Neat Image removes detail. Might as well use the noise reduction in digiKam.

It'll cost $6 for a rear Panasonic lens cap. Will my other lenses rear caps fit on it? Just leave one lens on the camera at all times, like I do.