People still buy Intel CPUs?

They hate AMD, and consider it slower. So being 10 FPS slower, is worth more money. Except, Intel might of lowered their prices. So it doesn’t matter what you buy anymore.

I’ll take AMD CPUs with pins. That way, I don’t destroy the entire motherboard, just the CPU. Also, the internet lied and said an i3 6100 was faster then a AMD 6300. Not for games it isn’t. The desktop seemed faster, but games didn’t run better.

I probably won’t do anything to my computer until whatever’s next comes out, quantum computers or whatever.

It might die before then though. Apple will probably be using their own CPUs by then. But I still prefer Linux to anything else. Unless it’s a mobile device, then iOS is fine. There won’t be a Linux phone as fast as the iPhone 7 for a long time.

Maybe my next computer will have an ARM CPU. The non Apple CPUs might catch up by the time something in my computer doesn’t work. Soon a new iPad will be faster then my computer.