Since the majority of people think sex talk is forbidden

I need to make a forum on my porn domain, strictly for talking about sex. It won’t be a porn forum, just text of talking about sex.

Use FluxBB. If you can disable images. Only delete illegal posts, like links to warez.

Yes, you can disable avatars and the img tag.

Well, I don’t know any other topics, besides intercourse.

Another topic, accessories. No need for safe sex if you have that topic. You only need two sections if you do that. Make a how to section.

No wonder everything is slow, the block storage is.

And I forgot about the anti “sex trafficking” law. You are responsible for everything users post on your site, the reason the personal section on Craigslist is gone. Once it becomes a problem, I’ll just make it so only I can post. Or do that before it’s a problem. It’ll be my forum, for me to post random questions, that nobody can answer. The forum won’t be advertised either.