The Panasonic 12-32mm might be sharp enough

One picture wasn't sharp. Looks like noise. If you remove the noise, you can see.

But why would this lens have more noise then all my other lenses? Kind of pointless using it inside, the noise kills the image the farther away. Lowering the ISO didn't seem to help yesterday. Took a bunch of pictures today, at 100%, you can see what I saw on my camera at 14x, except it looks way worse at 14x on my camera. If you resize all the images, you won't notice it.

Didn't think noise was related to the lens, thought that was the sensor. Also, increasing to over 1000 might give you the same amount of noise. If it's not noise, I don't know what it is.

Neat Image isn't the best, I like the results from Perfectly Clear Noise Removal better. I also used the RAW noise removal.

Kind of a pain, you have to edit the pictures. The noise reduction on my camera might be useless. At least at 14x zoomed in it is.

It's noise, just tested with ISO auto, which was 200. Looks fine, at least on my camera. All the specs aren't there. I thought my YI lens didn't get that much noise at ISO 800.

Is it really noise, if it's usually only farther away?

So use ISO 200, and the most powerful setting on the flash. Might need another flash, either a more powerful one, or one in slave mode. Probably lots of batteries too.