Think I'll buy a new water filter

Not ZeroWater. It smells horrible, even doing the two filter “trick”. Washing the big pitcher out could help.

But I’m lazy. Other filters don’t smell like fish. There could be bacteria. I suppose that can give you the runs too.

Or do the two filter trick, with a different brand, the first filter is the brand that doesn’t smell like fish. Then filter it into the big ZeroWater filter.

Using just one filter, and it doesn’t even last to 006. Tastes horrible before 006.

A better option, just use water straight from the tap. I won’t be able to taste it anyways, I put drink mix in it.

The older filter is 193-195 when testing it. The newer filter is 003. I threw both filters out. I still have the pitchers. But I’m to cheap to buy a new filter for it, or a different filter all together.

This tap water isn’t cold. I might buy one when I have 2k in the bank. That’ll be a while.

Seems like the trick didn’t work that well. When did I get the new filter?

Ha, January is when I got it. The trick didn’t work at all, I was changing it before every 2 months or so. The internet lies.