Winegard CC-7870 All-Channel Coupler

Why does it have somewhat bad reviews on Walmart?

Works great, even with just one antenna. Apparently to strong of a signal will make your TV worse. Not using a booster without it may or may not fix it. A attenuator would probably accomplish the same thing, but it only has one use.

A coupler/combiner is a better deal, if you move, and you need two antennas, you can use it for that too. I'll still use another antenna with it, just to see if I can get the channels that I don't get. Well, I do get them on a different channel, PBS broadcasts on more then one channel, apparently KXLY does too.

If you get both of the channels, then you can have two windows open, and watch both of them. Assuming you have a HDHomeRun, or something else with two tuners.

Bad reviews, because they don't know how to use it. Funny made the picture worse. Where are they pointing the antennas? And are they the same. Based on the lack of information, they don't know what they are doing.

With just one antenna, it made my reception better. And what does the picture worse mean? Pixelated? I get that on some religion channel. That might be a VHF channel. Is there an antenna signal finder site that lists that channel? The site I use doesn't list it.

According to one site, I need a pre amp for some channels. Why not a signal booster?