This controller config has no shift apparently

Going to have to edit it later, when I wake up. I wasn’t in big picture mode in Steam, so I couldn’t edit it.

You need shift for nitro in Saints Row: The Third.

There is one reason not to buy the Panasonic G95

There’s a dial on the left side, that’s the one I broke on my original Olympus E-M10.

And it costs over a grand, it’ll suck if you broke the dial on the left.

Wait, are all my dials on the left or right? Can’t remember. The mode dial is on the right on the Panasonic.

I was using my original E-M10 as support when standing up, apparently that’ll break the dial.

OBS Studio doesn’t work

Might not of recompiled it after downgrading to the stable Manjaro.

I was using the git AUR package, just removed it and installed the one from the repo.

Yup it works now. I made a video of Saints Row: The Third, but it has nudity. YouTube might not allow it.

It’s also over 7 GB. Why can’t I hear anything? Probably need to increase the volume, either on the soundbase, or in the file itself.

Thirty minutes to make a streaking clip. The first program I tried crashed. Not using h265 this time.

That clip is going to be almost 2 GB. Looks like I’ll be re encoding it. I’ll probably upload it to my porn domain, after the file size is under 1 GB.

The OGG or whatever format, doesn’t use much CPU to encode. Takes a long ass time, I left the resolution at 1440p.

VLC has issues playing it, but Mplayer could play it. Got to re render it, the file is broken, ffmpeg won’t even convert it. Looks like x264 is faster at encoding, at least with Pitivi. Under 200 MB.

Got sound, used Avidemux, increased the DB to 40. Wonder why it doesn’t record as loud as I hear it.

Uploading the video, you’ll find a link on my porn domain, which is a useless forum.

Cheesecake only gives me loose dumps now?

Sweet, I should buy one every week, and eat it in a day or two.

I already ate half of it. Only ate snacks earlier.

I can see why Americans are morbidly obese. If I buy a cheesecake every week, I’ll get up to 300 pounds, then over 300, then 400 pounds. What if I only eat cheesecake?

It was around $4 for a frozen one at Target. I only know because the receipt said, it said clearance where it was.

Panasonic 12-32mm is good enough

Didn’t pay that much for it. Probably does great outside. Could try using HDR inside, but that’s not good for moving subjects.

Nice, AfterShot Pro can align photos, so you can try doing it without a tripod. digiKam can do it too.

Funny, somebody on a forum says, they don’t own an Olympus body, because Olympus doesn’t make a 15mm lens. You can use Panasonic lenses on Olympus, I do it. Unless the Panasonic isn’t micro four thirds, in that case, they are in the wrong forum.

HDR is the lazy person’s way of getting the exposure right.

Whoever made Saints Row: The Third should make a western game

Like Red Dead Redemption. It would probably be 1,000 times better. I haven’t played that game for months, the second one.

Who knows if I will, it might take a while to get bored of Saints Row: The Third.

I played so much of the newest GTA, that it’s boring as fuck now. Saints Row is way better. Just play it, and you probably won’t ever play GTA again.

Stealing cars for money in Saints Row: The Third is a pain

I tried two times, and the car flipped both times. If you flip it, you have to get another one.

I removed her beard, go to the plastic surgeon. I thought it was 5k to get surgery, nope only 500. I went to another plastic surgery place, and it said the same price. I bought that one for 5k. You get money if you buy stuff, every hour. No idea what clock the game is on. The phone doesn’t say the game time. I could be blind though.

Guess his friends aren’t reliable

Somebody my mom’s ex knows said they were interested in the bike. So I sent her a picture to give her ex, to give his friend. Haven’t heard anything new.

There’s somebody else interested too, so maybe they will buy it.

Why did Deepin get rid of the 12 hour time format?

Right clicking the time doesn’t do anything. Going into the control thing and going to time, there’s no setting to change the format.

Guess I’d have to downgrade it to get the 12 hour format back. To much work, I’ll just switch desktop environments if I care enough.

I don’t use Deepin, just their desktop environment, you can use it in Manjaro.

Think the melted cheesecake was better

I had another piece, but didn’t put it in the microwave. It’s been in the fridge for a while, apparently not long enough.

Apparently 30 seconds was to long.

Should get my bowels moving.