What would I enjoy more, a Librem 5, or one of their laptops?

Probably the phone, since it’s running Linux, I can slowly do stuff I could do on laptop. I wonder how slow the CPU on their phone is though.

The Librem 13 only has one memory slot, no dual channel.

Do they really only have one slot? Or is that all they offer is non dual channel RAM?

The Librem 5 has Linux on it, not Android, so it might be fast enough. I think it’s ARM based, so Steam might work on it. The shitty thing, is it’s expensive for what you get, hardware wise. It properly has a shitty Geekbench score, but if the phone responds to touch quickly, and opens stuff fast enough, the score is useless.

The score on the Switch is probably shitty, yet it doesn’t seem slow. Runs games too.

Cheap Android phones with newer versions of Android, the web browser is super slow. If Google wants a shitty OS, they should make CPUs capable of running their bloated/shitty OS.

Don’t bother with xci2nsp

Use 4NXCI, now I need keys for a newer firmware, so I can convert it to NSP, and then use reNXpack.

What country is .nu?

And it worked with v6.2 keys. I could update my EmuNAND to that, but I’ll pass, that’s to much work. Also, that’s for rookies.

Installing it by USB. That doesn’t mean it’ll work, I’ll know once it’s done, and if it opens.

There will be a day, when EmuNAND won’t support newer firmware, like SX OS doesn’t support 8.0.0, no EmuNAND on free CFW yet. As soon as there is, I’ll switch to it.

I compiled it myself. It works in Linux just fine.

Saints Row: The Third, opens now, got to the menu, not going to try playing it right now. Already have it on the PC anyways. Think it’s firmware v6.0.1, my Switch.

Is there a way to get my save on the Switch? Generate a save, and look at em in a hex editor, just start a new game on the Switch, then back the save up.

Amazfit Bip

If you don’t care about exercise stuff, that watch is probably fine. I just want an inaccurate heart rate monitor. Mom said they are all inaccurate, therefore, you might as well buy the cheapest one.

Grandpa’s doctor said the expensive Apple Watch he got, isn’t accurate either.

But I probably won’t buy it anytime soon, got to buy other stuff, probably dog food at some point. And I like piling money up.

Want to know if my heart rate goes up when anxious, then you don’t need to guess on a 1-10 scale.

She doesn’t like privacy

She thinks only Chinese and criminals use a VPN.

My older sister had a VPN, don’t know if she still does. Is she a criminal too?

Most criminals use somebody else’s internet, and maybe Tor. If you use a VPN, you’ll get busted like the one guy who used I can’t remember the name of it.

If you pay with cryptocurrency, then you might be safe, if you use somebody else’s internet. Might as well use Tor, it’s free.

If she likes Google and Facebook selling her data, then good for her. All I get is spam mostly, so Google isn’t making much money off of me.

If she likes getting her info stolen while using a public hot spot, once again, good for her.

She also thinks people use VPS’s for illegal activity. Maybe some people do. Some people go to the grocery store, for illegal purposes. Good luck using stolen credit card info at my host, they manually verify everything. If you use a VPN to order, you won’t get any service.

Would installing and using a VPN on my VPS, also be illegal according to her? You do know my host has my info right?

Mass surveillance won’t end well. No encryption, and enjoy getting arrested for no more freedom of speech.

Ibuprofen can cause stomach bleeding

And it says to ask a doctor before use, if you’ve had heartburn problems.

The pain might of went away. Before I took it.

Will sleeping on your back hurt your shoulder? Might make breathing harder. But at least no shoulder pain.

My programming is to die anyways. So if it kills me, oh well.

And the pain came back, and might of went away again.

Stretching doesn’t help, made it hurt worse right after. Now it comes and goes, looks like ibuprofen is useless.

What happened to my left shoulder?

Woke up, and it hurt. Still hurts. Also, how would exercising help it? Walking doesn’t do anything for your shoulders, that’s the only exercising I know how to do. To bad I’m to lazy. Dog doesn’t want to stay home alone, and she might not want to go either.

I’ll get shoulder replacement surgery, if they’ll keep me awake while they do it. So I can talk to the surgeon.

Bogus friend requests

They don’t even try that hard, no their first and last name don’t start with a capital letter.

Also, search for that name on Google, and you’ll see they are in prison for life, for killing men. Must think I’m desperate and will accept any friend request. I doubt that’s their real name, probably a guy that went to my school, I didn’t do anything to him. So I don’t know what his problem is.

Can you disable friend requests on YouTube? I’m to lazy to go to their site.

Don’t plug a HDMI extender over IP into a HDMI switch

It’ll make the delay worse. Just plugged it directly into the TV, and the PS4 into the switch. Now the mouse moves much better. Maybe driving in Saints Row: The Third is easier now. For some reason on foot, is easy, but driving was a pain.

The people getting a big delay, must have a very shitty setup, or a defective extender. I’m using a powerline adapter, so it should be more shitty then just ethernet.

Librem One

Comes with a VPN, and other services. So it’s better then paying for just a VPN. It’s $8 a month, no ads, no selling your data. I should signup, but I should wait till tomorrow.

If you pay, do you have to delete your Gmail? Don’t know if I can change my email on everything.

The tunnel app says my login info is invalid. That was a waste of money.

You have to go to your profile, and click activate for the Tunnel.

Good news, it doesn’t slow my internet down on my iPhone.

Can’t use it on my desktop, says internal server error.

I should pre order their phone tomorrow. Except, it doesn’t ship till Q3. Wait till June or one day before July 1st, then pre order it.

The Seattle VPN server must of took a dump, it kept toggling on and off, and said I was using LTE. Changed it to California, and it works now. Happened after I got off the phone, or while on the phone. Maybe automatic doesn’t work.

I thought Netflix didn’t work on VPNs? Apparently it does on some. So, if I leave the country, connect to a US server, I can watch US Netflix? Well, they are going to get a lot of business for supporting Netflix. Unless, it’s not using the VPN for Netflix.

What shows are only on the Canada Netflix? I just connected to a Canada location.

Use the Mexico location, try watching Lunatics, and it’ll say to turn off services or something. So, it’s using the VPN for Netflix.

Librem One

DISPLAY=:0.1 mate-display-properties

I wouldn’t recommend running that. Both monitors, or monitor and TV, will flicker. You have to turn the TV on, and close mate-display-properties. I was going to try setting it to 30 Hz, apparently not the lazy way.

Funny that both screens flicker. If you open it without that, it only shows my monitor.