Do HDMI extenders over IP work with powerline adapters?

Depends how shitty your powerline adapters are. If they are shitty enough it should work, or maybe it’s the other way.

Can’t buy an extender that uses powerline adapters, there’s no plugs open for it.

That’s cheaper then another computer. But the computer parts might be to tempting not to buy.

One of the adapters says you need a dedicated switch for it, the one I might of bought doesn’t say that. Does say for best performance to put them on it’s own VLAN. That won’t happen, as the switch for my TV stuff doesn’t do VLANs. I never bothered buying another VLAN capable switch.

I plugged my Nintendo Switch into my Monoprice HDMI switch, maybe just the PS4 has issues with it.

If you want 4k HDMI over IP, that’ll cost $500, think I saw a 4k HDMI for $500, didn’t click it. Was on my phone, probably on one of the 1080p ones. Amazon shows you other products when viewing one.

What’s the name of the XCI splitter? I did get a game demo for my Switch, no idea why the demo is so big. Found it in my Downloads folder, it’s called XCI splitter. Should see if there’s a new version of it.

Oh year, I need to change my remote, to use the HDMI switch for the Switch, and add a PC, in case I bought a HDMI extender over IP.