Dogs aren’t selfish

The lady next to me, had surgery. Don’t remember exactly what, didn’t know what it was when she told me she was getting surgery. I don’t know anything surgery related, only sex reassignment surgery.

Well, Tonka wouldn’t go inside until she and her dog got to us. I was going to wait for her anyways. Tonka was just looking where she was, like she was concerned. Tonka either fell on her butt, or that’s what she does when she refuses to move. I wasn’t tugging on her that hard, I wanted to wait closer to the door. So I could hold it open for her.

Tonka used to sit down when going on walks, if you go to far. That was when she was a lot younger. I don’t remember that, I probably wasn’t there.

If I get the stomach flu, she acts depressed and lays down in a different room. I wonder if I got surgery if she’d react. She’d probably just lick me a lot. The stomach flu is loud, when you are puking. It’s louder if you have nothing in your stomach.