Don't bother with xci2nsp

Use 4NXCI, now I need keys for a newer firmware, so I can convert it to NSP, and then use reNXpack.

What country is .nu?

And it worked with v6.2 keys. I could update my EmuNAND to that, but I’ll pass, that’s to much work. Also, that’s for rookies.

Installing it by USB. That doesn’t mean it’ll work, I’ll know once it’s done, and if it opens.

There will be a day, when EmuNAND won’t support newer firmware, like SX OS doesn’t support 8.0.0, no EmuNAND on free CFW yet. As soon as there is, I’ll switch to it.

I compiled it myself. It works in Linux just fine.

Saints Row: The Third, opens now, got to the menu, not going to try playing it right now. Already have it on the PC anyways. Think it’s firmware v6.0.1, my Switch.

Is there a way to get my save on the Switch? Generate a save, and look at em in a hex editor, just start a new game on the Switch, then back the save up.