Finally got macOS to boot without rebooting the router or my computer

I had to use the "-f" boot option. Getting sound to work will be fun, since I don't understand anything it says to do.

And it's not booting again. Even with -f. Says something about something stalling.

It's Lilu and WhateverGreen. And changing the model of my fake Mac might fix it. I had to delete the kexts again, so I can boot and use Clover Configurator to change my model.

Reinstalling, probably fucked it up somehow. I did try installing VoodooHDA, to try and get sound. That was one of the first things I did to try and get sound. I deleted the kext, maybe that's not enough.

To get the Clover image to see the internal drive, enable it as bootable in your libvirt xml file.