How long do Silicon Power last?

Not very long. I can’t read mine anymore, I was able to once, but it was read only, so I tried ejecting it, and reinserting it to the card reader.

It’s barely been used, mostly sitting idle in my Switch.

Lucky for me, I backed up the EmuNAND not long ago.

dosfsck doesn’t do anything.

fat_get_cluster: invalid cluster chain (i_pos 0)

That’s one of the errors. Could be the reader, I suppose.

It’s a file system error.

No wonder dosfsck didn’t work, I was doing the entire drive, not just the FAT partition.

Nice, it deleted the folders that are corrupt.

So the cards do last, FAT doesn’t though. Now I have to copy my EmuTendo or whatever folder to it.

Why did Nextcloud take a dump? It finally loaded, I had to pause the client.

What are all these fsck files? Some kind of recovery files, I’ll just delete em all.

There goes the theory that FAT is less likely to get corrupted on the Switch.

The Switch works with the HDMI switch. But I think the PS4 worked, but sometimes it would have issues, rebooting something would fix it, either the TV or the switch.

Game might be fun, but the Switch controller blows ass, the one it came with. Either the sticks are to small, or it needs a touch pad like the Steam Controller.

I’ll probably buy the PowerA Enhanced Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch, the cheap black and red one, not the one GBAtemp reviewed, that one costs a little more, and I don’t like how it looks. Pretty sure they are the same, just the cheaper one looks different, that is the paint job.

Did you know somebody in Saints Row: The Third, loves rim jobs?

The game would be better if you could exit your space ship.

Also, when did they had actual talking to games for Nintendo consoles? In the cut scene or whatever it’s called, their mouths were moving while talking. Can’t remember if the Wii had that. Don’t think the 3DS does.

The pro Switch controller, made by Nintendo costs more then the PowerA.

No Amazon links, they are terminating my affiliate account, and told me to remove all links to their site. I only did so on this blog, not my other one. To lazy.

I had to sync my controllers, worked if I attached it to the Switch, unattached it, and it wouldn’t connect.