I got the macOS installer to boot in QEMU

But the mouse wasn't working. Had to go to bed.

To get past the random seed thing, you have to use the OVMF_CODE.fd from here. If you are using the Ryzen Clover config.plist, remove all the kernel patches, otherwise it'll stay at random seed too.

I might share my Clover.qcow2 later, after I get the mouse working.

The mouse works now. Looks like the last thing I did before bed, worked, I didn't test it before bed. Add a regular USB mouse, not the tablet thing.

Here's my Clover.qcow2. It's configured with a AMD RX 570, so if you aren't using GPU passthrough, you'll need to change the config. You can make a it using a script. You might need "OsxAptioFix3Drv-64.efi", I modified the script to add it.

fish copy-in $WORK/EFI/CLOVER/drivers-Off/drivers64UEFI/OsxAptioFix3Drv-64.efi \

Add that under the last copy for the drivers.

My config.plist is here.

I should move the macOS.qcow2 to my external SSD, that would be faster then the 1 TB drive. Or install directly to the SSD.

Clover doesn't show the drive after installing. Showed the installer on it at first, then when it finished, it only shows the installer in a different qcow2 image. APFS isn't supported? Looking at the script to make the Clover image, it's copying the APFS driver.

Got it to boot, had to copy the EFI folder from the Clover image, to the EFI partition on the macOS drive. I did it from Linux using qemu-nbd. But it crashed after telling it to use DHCP. Guess my USB adapter doesn't work with macOS. That's a bummer.

And macOS works now. Just had to get the bridge working. Use "e1000-82545em" for the device type. Almost dinner time, so I'll mess with it later.

Funny that macOS crashes if you select DHCP with no network.