I never tried focus stacking on my camera

Problem is I'm to lazy. I'd have to change the lens, to my YI 42.5mm, it has a macro switch on it.

Wait a second, that might get everything in focus at 12mm. Well, I'm to lazy to stand up.

Got to play Tropico 6. That's way more fun then standing up.

Does the Panasonic G95 have high res mode? There's a cheaper Panasonic camera, don't know if it has high res mode either. You basically get the camera for $200, cause it comes with a $500 lens. It's the G85.

The G85 is splash and dust proof. So I can use it in the rain? It looks like a mini DSLR. Will the price go down once the G95 is out?

Looks like that is the new price, it's 1k from Panasonic.

Why only two images? Thought it said in the settings, 99. And 5 different focus points.

Looks like two images, is worse then taking just one picture, if you stack em.

Zoom in to 32mm, or whatever the max is, and it takes three images instead of two. So I need a 60mm lens.

The zoomed in combined images, looks worse. Looks like the second setting, only works for 12mm. It's set to three, something about the focus difference or something, the default is 5, which probably works for zoomed in.

Good luck reading the shipping label on the box. No processing other then combining the two pictures, and saving it as a JPG was done.

Not satisfied, the first image it took, without combining looks sharper. Are the default settings in digiKam crap or something? Just set the shutter speed to 20.

What was the flash on without bracketing? Maybe fill flash is better for interiors. Except, that's just the table. Didn't take a picture of the entire kitchen.

Looks like, you need to use JPGs if you want it as sharp, or edit the PNG file. Can't make it as sharp. Now to try combining the JPGs. Nope, still sucks. You might have to try every single setting on the camera, or find different software.

Use a tripod, maybe the image align doesn't work very well.

What's the point in 12mm if you have to be close for it to be sharp? The conclusion I came to before is the same. Now, where do I buy a 17mm-40+mm lens? That is sharp.

Guess I'll just use this as a 17mm+ lens.

I did get five focus bracketing images. Zoomed in, and must of been close enough. So it's useless for interiors.

Well, if there isn't a bunch of text you care about, 12mm is fine. Like the living room, the only text probably readable by the angel, is TCL on the TV, and it is with the lens.

So don't use it for indoor items with text on it.

You know what will fix it? Glasses. Will mine work? Probably not. I need new glasses.

The carpet looks weird. But I guess it works, I also used auto focus, didn't pick where to focus it. That looks better then the first image, it's out of focus.

Probably better for macro lenses. For taking pictures of micro stuff.